Super Flat CAT.6 Ethernet Network Patch Cord - Black

• 1.5mm thickness Flat Cable
• Up to 250MHz bandwidth
• Gold plated 8P8C Short Body RJ45

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Super Flat

Wider Cable- Manufacturer and Wholesaler

Ultra Flat CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable are only a 1.5mm thick that gives a plenty of ventilation room for network rack wiring.It is a great advantage over flat CAT6 patch cable have stranded copper conductors for flexibility that add more bulk to your work space.

Flat CAT6 Cable fit easily between cramped spaces improving the look of your home or office because they are flat and easy to hide.These flat CAT6 patch cable are a perfect fit under carpets, up walls, and even behind furniture.


• AWG: 32AWG 7/0.08mm
• Conductor: Pure Bare Copper
• Insulations: HD-PE
• Twisted Pairs: 1 Twisted Pairs (2Core Wire) x4Pairs
• Jacket: PVC RoHS 2.0
• OD:1.5 x 6.0mm
• Injection: SR PVC Injection Molded
• Wiring: complies with TIA/EIA 568B.2 standard.
• Connector: 8P8C short body RJ45
• Transfer rate: up to 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet)
• Tested to 250Mhz using a Fluke DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer
• Suitable temperature: -10 °C ~ 45 °C

Connect network card to any of the following

• 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
• 100BASE-T Ethernet
• 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
• 10BASE-T Ethernet

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